Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hi My Quiet Tsar - Le Cagibi - October 18th 2008

Band : Hi My Quiet Tsar
Venue : Le Cagibi
City (country) : Montreal, QC (Canada)
Date : October 18th 2008
Grade : 3/5

Setlist :

Comments : New side-project from Eric (Thisquietarmy) without any guitar involved. I think tonight was his second show ever with this set up (please Eric, I know you read this blog, so correct me if I'm wrong). The result was definitely different from his usual project as expected, but still reminiscent of some ambiances and atmospheres you can find in Thisquietarmy. A pretty nice, intimate and short set (perfect timing actually).

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Thisquietarmy said...

well... i'm not sure the first one counts as it was something i decided to do the same day, and didn't have a name. some people showed up but it wasn't really a show... ? :p