Saturday, 25 July 2009

KMFDM - Gothic Festival - July 25th 2009

Band : KMFDM
Venue : Gothic Festival
City (country) : Waregem (Belgium)
Date : July 25th 2009
Grade : 3/5

Setlist :
Bait & Switch
Son Of A Gun
Hau Ruck
Looking For Strange
Potz Blitz !
Saft Und Kraft
A Drug Against War

Comments : Last time I saw KMFDM was 14 years ago and Sasha Konietzko is the only member left from that era. The band played mostly new songs (or at least from the last 14 years). I was actually happy to see them again, although I found the show weaker than last time.

Extra : Megalomaniac (video)

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