Friday, 28 August 2009

Punish Yourself - Foreztival - August 28th 2009

Band : Punish Yourself (The Incredible Punish Yourself Picture Show)
Venue : Foreztival
City (country) : Trelins (France)
Date : August 28th 2009
Grade : 5/5

Setlist :
Shiva Only Is God
Suck My TV
Mothra Lady
(Let's Build A) Station In Space
Las Vegas 2060's
Night Of The Hunter
We Shall Be The New Messiah
(My Name Is) Legion
T4 Song
Blast Off Siddartha Junkie
See Ya Later Aligator
You Ain't Got Me
No One To Talk With

Comments : This show wasn't just another Punish Yourself show, it was The Incredible Punish Yourself Picture Show. It featured an extensive line-up of up to 11 musicians and performers on stage together. The show was cut short due to delays unfortunately, but remained, as usual, very efficient. It was a great evening indeed. I can't wait to see them again next year ! (Please note that I normally wouldn't attend this sort of festival, mainly because of their usual music selections and a rather strict/aggressive security).

Extra : Mothra Lady (video)

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