Thursday, 1 July 2010

John Zorn's Masada Marathon - Théatre Maisonneuve - July 1st 2010

Band : John Zorn's Masada Marathon
Venue : Théatre Maisonneuve (Festival International De Jazz De Montreal)
Town (country) : Montreal, QC (Canada)
Date : July 1st 2010
Grade : 4/5

Setlist :

Comments : Two hours and a half of music with short sets by Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier, Dreamers, Uri Caine, Masada String Trio, and Electric Masada. While the first and third acts did not fully convince me, I enjoyed the second and fourth ones. But it is definitely the Electric Masada concert which made my evening. The best Masada show I have seen so far, bizarre, brutal and yet so sharp. I am glad I chose this "late" performance over the earlier one with Acoustic Masada. Amazing !

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