Friday, 22 April 2011

Godspeed You ! Black Emperor - Lee's Palace - April 22nd 2011

Band : Godspeed You ! Black Emperor
Venue : Lee's Palace
Town (country) : Toronto, ON (Canada)
Date : April 22nd 2011
Grade : 5/5

Setlist :
Gathering Storm
Chart #3
World Police And Friendly Fire
Dead Metheny
Tazer Floyd (Rockets Fall On Rocket Falls)

Comments : After a little taste of the reunion in Europe, I was getting ready for my big GY!BE marathon : 10 shows in 2 weeks. Although I don't really enjoy going to Toronto to see shows, the idea of seeing the band in a small venue was something I was looking forward to. This first night was usual fare based on the two shows I have seen on this tour. No big surprises but still a pretty good set despite some heavily intoxicated, noisy audience members.

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