Monday, 25 April 2011

Mogwai - Olympia - April 25th 2011

Band : Mogwai
Venue : Olympia
Town (country) : Montreal, QC (Canada)
Date : April 25th 2011
Grade : 2/5

Setlist :
White Noise
Friend Of The Night
How To Be A Werewolf
Rano Pano
Death Rays
I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
San Pedro
Ithaca 27ø9
Mexican Grand Prix
New Paths To Helicon, Pt 1
You're Lionel Richie
We're No Here
Auto Rock
George Square Thatcher Death Party
Glasgow Mega-Snake

Comments : At first, seeing Mogwai the same week as Godspeed sounded like a fantastic plan. In reality, it was not the brightest idea and the fact that Martin Bulloch did not play on the North-American tour did not help. Not a bad show per se, but I found the setlist weak and disappointing, as well as the band lacking emotion on stage. The barriers between the stage and the audience with security guards taking their jobs a bit too seriously also hampered my spirits. Oh, well.

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