Saturday, 2 June 2012

Stephen O'Malley & Tim Hecker - Église St-James United - June 2nd 2012

Band : Stephen O'Malley & Tim Hecker
Venue : Eglise St-James United (Mutek)
Town (country) : Montreal, QC (Canada)
Date : June 2nd 2012
Grade : 3/5

Setlist :

Comments : This was probably the show I was looking forward to the most since the beginning of the year and I was really expecting something amazing. Sadly, the result did not live up to its potential. I found the first part of the show really self-indulgent; each musician playing on his own instead of together. The middle part was pretty good and I found a real complementarity between the two musicians. The final part, Stephen O'Malley got the bright idea to turn up each one of his eight (yes, eight) amps. Being in a church, the sound of the church organ did not stand a chance against these. At this point, it would not have made a big difference sound-wise if Tim Hecker had been doing a crossword puzzle instead of playing. The site-specific performance failed miserably here. It also failed visually with the lights turned down very low. At one point Stephen O'Malley had to use a flashlight to change something on his effect pedals. Don't get me wrong, it was not altogether a bad show, but still extremely disappointing.

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