Sunday, 19 May 2013

Attrition - Playhouse - May 19th 2013

Band : Attrition
Venue : Playhouse
Town (country) : Montreal, QC (Canada)
Date : May 19th 2013
Grade : 3/5

Setlist :

Comments : I found out about tonight's show by accident yesterday, thanks to a complete lack of promotion. Even if I hadn't really followed Attrition in over 10 years (last time I saw him was in Marseille in 2001), I could not pass on the opportunity to see him playing in a brasserie. The venue has actually been renovated since the last time I was there (probably because of the firebombing of the restaurant downstairs a few months earlier) and the remains of the old strip club seem gone forever. After a couple of horrendous goth opening acts, Martin Bowles got on stage, accompained by a new female singer and a member of the first opening act on keyboards. The rest of the music was actually prerecorded on a minidisc. No big surprises during the show as expected, but still fun to see.

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