Friday, 16 May 2014

Richard Pinhas / Keiji Haino / Merzbow / Tatsuya Yoshida - FIMAV - May 16th 2014

Band : Richard Pinhas / Keiji Haino / Merzbow / Tatsuya Yoshida
Venue : Colisée Desjardins - Colisée A (FIMAV)
Town (country) : Victoriaville, QC (Canada)
Date : May 16th 2014
Grade : 5/5

Setlist :

Comments : The shows at the FIMAV are always on the pricy side, and strongly disagree with the festival's strictly enforced no photo policy. That being said they bring amazing and unique collaborations in a great listening comfort for the audience. I did not really know what to expect before tonight's collaboration as a whole, but it was definitely the one I did not want to miss (I chose this one over tomorrow's Haino / Ambarchi / O'Malley). Tonight's concert was simply mindblowing, blending the genres of noise and psychedelism. Now, I really look forward to the official CD of the concert. The photos of the festival's official photographer were generic as usual and did not capture the soul of the performance at all.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mogwai - Metropolis - May 11th 2014

Band : Mogwai
Venue : Metropolis
Town (country) : Montreal, QC (Canada)
Date : May 11th 2014
Grade : 4/5

Setlist :
Heard About You Last Night
Friend Of The Night
Take Me Somewhere Nice
Christmas Steps
Master Card
Rano Pano
The Lord Is Out Of Control
Auto Rock
I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
Mexican Grand Prix
We're No Here
New Paths To Helicon, Pt. 1

Comments : Once again, the new Mogwai album has not really impressed me. Martin Bulloch is not playing on this North-American tour, so I was a bit less excited about going to this show. Gladly, it turned out to be a nice one overall. The show sounded a lot like those from the 2012 tour with a really great light show. Luke Sutherland was an interesting addition to the line-up, but no surprises in the setlist. It was really nice to hear Helicon yet I definitely missed Mogwai Fear Satan tonight. I think I should accept that I will never hear My Father My King live... The version of my favourite track of the new album "Remurdered" was disappointing and they played one of their worst songs ever (IMO) again Mexican Grand Prix.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Robert Charlebois - Salle Albert Dumouchel - May 2nd 2014

Band : Robert Charlebois
Venue : Salle Albert Dumouchel
Town (country) : Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, QC (Canada)
Date : May 2nd 2014
Grade : n/a

Setlist :

Comments : Definitely not my kind of stuff at all, but there was some interesting moments and it is always fun to see concerts in different cities. I even recognized 2 songs during the 2 hours show.